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Grand National


or "Everything you ever wanted to know about the Grand National between 1946 - 1989 but were too afraid to ask"



I would like to thank Paul Davies of the Complete Record, Jane Clarke, Alan Johnson, Mick Mutlow (a fellow Hammer), Tim Cox, John Pinfold & the late Reg Green who have all at some stage over the past eighteen years helped with my research.

The marvellous Jockepedia site was an invaluable tool for finding the first names for many of the journeyman jockeys who were long retired before my birth.

John Slusars Greyhound Derby website was also consulted.

Welcome to the new pages of the Grand National Anorak (Chris to his friends). Thanks to the imminent demise of the Freewebs platform which has allowed me to host my websites for free for years I have moved to a new domain.

These pages are designed to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the Grand National and racing at Aintree (or perhaps things you didn`t need to know) between 1946 & 1989.

I have amalgamated the original Grand National Anorak site and my fifties, sixties and seventies websites. Probably best to have things in one place

Check out "Grand National Anorak 2" which covers everything from 1990 onwards.

The site is completely unofficial and a light hearted, sideways glance at the race that most of us love so much.

UPDATE - 21st March 2023


The carnage that was the 1967 Grand National. 

I had been alive for exactly fifty one days when this was taking place.

About the Anorak

The Grand National Anorak was born in 1967.  As a child his ambition was to be a commentator but as he never worked out how to go about it he does something in the law instead. He was briefly in the early noughties a Point-to-Point commentator on the South East circuit but offers of work dried up and as a result he has not set foot on a point to point course since 2004. He can name all the fallers in all the Nationals since the sixties and as a result appeared on the BBCs "Grand National Tales" documentary broadcast in 1997. He has no connections within racing whatsoever (and his latest attempt to become a commentator failed miserably) but he did once hold a door open for Paul Nicholls at Lingfield. He is married to the ever lovely and patient Bridget and lives a quiet life in Kent. 

He is also currently trying to visit every racecourse in the UK and after visiting Ayr in February 2017 only has three to go.

Away from racing he is a frustrated West Ham supporter and used to sing in a punk band. Amongst his other non-racing hobbies are eating and  drinking Italian wine.

His favourite racecourses are Aintree, Plumpton & Auteuil in France. He hated Cartmel 

His favourite racehorse of all time was High Ken.

His one regret is that he lives so far away from Aintree.


Please note that apart from the picture of the stands on Becher Chase day 2011 that I do not own the copywrite for any of the photos featured. They are all photos that I have taken from Google images to try and brighten up the site. I have avoided alamy or other stock photos which are for sale. If you own the copywrite and would like a photo taken down please email me at  and I will remove it.

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