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1974 - Red Rum

Leading Fancies

RED RUM returned to Aintree carrying top weight of twelve stone aiming to become the first horse since Reynoldstown in the thirties to win back-to-back Nationals. Trained with the race in mind he had been beaten in a match at Doncaster by Crisp in the autumn and had then put up perhaps his best display over park fences when beaten a short-head by Red Candle in the Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup at Newbury. He was in excellent form winning four times at Ayr, Newcastle, Catterick and Carlisle but had been hampered and unseated at the very first fence in his prep race, the Greenall Breweries Chase at Haydock. With Crisp sadly absent through injury L`ESCARGOT, third last year was second favourite albeit he was without a win all season. He bypassed the Gold Cup this year and run instead in the Cathcart Chase over two and a half miles where he had been beaten by interesting American import Soothsayer. However to the surprise of many neither were to start favourite as at the last minute that honour fell to SCOUT probably on the back of his last three starts which had resulted in victories at Ayr, Doncaster and Wetherby. SPANISH STEPS had also missed the Gold Cup en-route to Aintree and had been runner up in the National Hunt Handicap Chase. Running in the same colours was ROYAL RELIEF who`s connections were no doubt hoping that the recent good form shown by shorter distance specialists would continue. He had won The Two Mile Champion Chase twice in 1972 and 1974. He was to be ridden by TV pundit and journalist Lord Oaksey, so narrowly beaten on Carrickbeg in 1963. Former Topham winner SUNNY LAD had finished third in the Two Mile Chase and had won twice this term at Straford and Huntingdon. Other interesting runners included CHARLES DICKENS three time winner of the Grand Military Gold Cup between 1970-72 and STEPHENS SOCIETY winner of the gruelling Velka Pardubicka in Czechoslvakia the previous autumn. His owner-rider Chris Collins had finished third on Mr Jones in 1965 on his only previous ride in the race. Note should also be made of the unfashionably named WOLVERHAMPTON who was running in the colours of Aintrees news owner Bill Davies who had entered into the spirit of things by having a runner in the race. 

GRAND NATIONAL HANDICAP CHASE (77 entries) 4 1/2 miles  £25,102.50 to the winner, £7,620 to the second, £3,735 5 to the third & £1,792.50 to the fourth


 1   11221U    RED RUM  9, 12-0  (D.McCain)  B.Fletcher 

 2 1-F3402   L`ESCARGOT  11, 11-13  (D L Moore - IRE)  T.Carberry 

 3 3PF-F00  ARGENT  10, 11-10  (E.Cousins)  R.Coonan 

 4 20F002   SPANISH STEPS  11, 11-9  (E R Courage)  W.Smith 

 5   01F341    ROYAL RELIEF  10, 11-6  (E R Courage)  Lord Oaksey 

 6  0-4124P   PRINCESS CAMILLA  9, 11-4  (G M Vergette)  M.Blackshaw 

 7   P1244U   HUPERADE  10, 10-12*  (G R Owen)  Mr J Carden 

 8    1121U2   STRAIGHT VULGAN  8, 10-8  (G W Richards)  R.Barry 

 9   0/04-10  VULGAN TOWN  8, 10-8  (G B Balding)  J.Haine 

10  3P1000   ROMAN HOLIDAY  10, 10-7  (Maj C Bewicke)  J.King 

11  P-10P30   NEREO  8, 10-6  (F T Winter)  Duke of Alberquerque 

12    211023  ROUGH HOUSE  8, 10-6  (T F Rimell)  Mr J Burke 

13     141013  SUNNY LAD  10, 10-4  (T F Rimell)  D.Cartwright 

14  1-0PP34  BAHIA DORADA  9, 10-2  (J.Pullen)  J.Guest 

15  000041  GLENKILN  11, 10-2  (D.McCain)  R.Crank 

16  221303   SHANEMAN  9, 10-2  (T.Taaffe - IRE)  B.Hannon 

17   122012   SAN-FELIU  11, 10-3*  (N.Crump)  P.Buckley 

18  233030  THE TUNKU  8, 10-1  (D.McCain)  R R Evans 

19     213112  STEPHEN`S SOCIETY  8, 11-5*  (W A Stephenson)  Mr C Collins 

20   110004  TUBS VI  11, 10-6*  (T V O`Brien - IRE)  V O`Brien 

21   P03FP0  CLOUDSMERE  10, 10-4  (R C Armytage)  P.Kellaway 

22     12121U FRANCOPHILE  9, 10-5*  (E.McNally)  R.Pitman 

23    300310 PEARL OF MONTREAL  11, 10-0  (L.Greene - IRE)  T.Kinane 

24    443321  DEBLINS GREEN  11, 10-0  (G H Yardley)  N.Wakley 

25  0-41303  ROUGE AUTUMN  10, 10-0  (T F Rimell)  K B White 

26   3P011U   NORWEGIAN FLAG  8, 10-0  (R.Clay)  J.Bourke 

27    213442  QUINTUS  8, 10-0  (E R Courage)  G.Thorner 

28   434440  ESCARI  8, 10-2*  (J.Cox - IRE)  P.Black

29 030 /00P BEAU BOB  11, 10-0  (S.Mellor)  J.Glover 

30 F00P-30  CHARLES DICKENS  10, 10-0  (M J Scudamore)  A.Turnell 

31    000021  SIXER  10, 10-0  (G.Clay)  M.Salaman 

32   30F-010 CULLA HILL  10, 10-8*  (S.Norton)  Mr N Brookes 

33   20B200 BEGGARS WAY  10, 10-2*  (S.Cole)  V.Soane 

34      320111  SCOUT  8, 10-0  (W A Stephenson)  T.Stack 

35    0-101U0 ASTBURY  11, 10-0  (J P Bissill)  Mr W Jenks 

36    0-21212  WOLVERHAMPTON  7, 10-0  (T F M Corrie)  R.Quinn 

37    044033  ROUGH SILK  11, 10-0  (E J O`Grady - IRE)  M F Morris 

38    3334F0  ESTOILE  10, 10-0  (M J Scudamore)  R.Hyett 

40   04F-440  KARACOLA  9, 10-0  (W A Stephenson)  C.Astbury 

41  4P40/00-   MILL DOOR  12, 10-2  (R.Blakeney)  J.McNaught 

42     1300PF  DUNNO  10, 10-1*  (N R Mitchell)  Mr N Mitchell 

44    0400UP GO-PONTINENTAL  14, 10-0  (D.Nicholson)  J.Suthern 

Non Runners :  39 - PERSIAN LARK (-)

                          43 - BEAU PARC (Mr H.Bevan)

S.P : 7-1 Scout, 17-2 L`Escargot, 11-1 RED RUM, 14-1 Rough House, 15-1 Spanish Steps & Straight Vulgan, 16-1 Francophile, 18-1 Royal Relief, 20-1 Sunny Lad, 22-1 San-Felieu & Tubs VI, 25-1 Deblins Green & Wolverhampton, 28-1 Princess Camilla & Rouge Autumn, 33-1 Quintus, 35-1 Vulgan Town, 40-1 Stephens Society, 50-1 Argent, Charles Dickens, Glenkiln, Norwegian Flag, Pearl of Montreal & Shaneman, 66-1 Astbury, Beggars Way, Escari, Estoile, Roman Holiday, Rough Silk & Sixer, 100-1 Bahia Dorada, Beau Bob, Cloudsmere, Culla Hill, Dunno, Huperade, Go-Pontinental, Karacola, Mill Door, Nereo & The Tunku



Aintree debutants 

Argent*, Bahia Dorada*, Charles Dickens*, Dunno*, Estoile*, Francophile*, Karacola, Roman Holiday*, Rough House, Royal Relief, San-Feliu*, Shaneman, Sixer*, Stephens Society*, Straight Vulgan, Tubs VI*, Wolverhampton 

 Winners at Aintree 

Glenkiln - William Hill Grand National Trial (1972) 

Red Rum - Grand National (1973) 

Sunny Lad - Topham Trophy (1972) 


1st    RED  RUM - Brian Fletcher 

​​2nd  L`ESCARGOT - Tommy Carberry 

3rd   CHARLES DICKENS - Andy Turnell 

4th   SPANISH STEPS - Bill Smith 

5h    ROUGH SILK -  M F Morris 

6th   VULGAN TOWN - Johnny Haine 

7th    ROUGE AUTUMN - Ken White 

8th    NEREO - Duke of Alberquerque 

9th    SAN-FELIU - Pat Buckley

10th   NORWEGIAN FLAG - J.Bourke 

11th    SCOUT - Tommy Stack 

12th   QUINTUS - Graham Thorner 

13th   DUNNO - Mr Norman Mitchell 

14th   TUBS VI - Val O`Brien 

15th   ESCARI - P.Black 

16th   SUNNY LAD - D.Cartwright 

17th    PRINCESS CAMILLA - M Blackshaw 

Time : 9 minutes, 20.3 seconds

Distances : 7-sht hd-8-7-7

Owned by Noel Le Mare

Trained by Ginger McCain at Southport, Lancashire

1975 - L'Escargot

The winner

Having tried to win the race for eighteen years L`Escargots delighted owner Raymond Guest immediately announced the horses retirement and added that he would spend the remainder of his days with his trainer. However it would appear that the old warrior did not adapt too well to standing in a field and being hacked so the Moores decided to run him in the Kerry National at Listowel that September. He ran credibly enough finishing third. Unfortunately news of the run filtered back to Guest who was not best pleased and L`Escargot was immediately shipped back to his owners ranch in Virginia where he lived for another ten years

Leading fancies

There was talk of only one horse in the run up to this years National, the hat-trick seeking superstar RED RUM. Such was the interest he generated he even graced the cover of that weeks Radio Times. He had had much the same preparation as the previous year although he had made a rare trip south to Kempton to contest the Charissma Records Gold Cup finishing a disappointing eighth behind rival ROUGH HOUSE. He had then gone on to win the Haydock Park Grand National trial beating another rival GLEN OWEN. Although the going did not look to be in his favour he started a warm favourite at 7-2. L`ESCARGOT second in the betting was without a win in four starts although he had run credibly in the Two Mile Champion Chase behind Lough Inagh and ROYAL RELIEF. As well as winning at Kempton ROUGH HOUSE was having an excellent season winning a competitive SGB Chase at Ascot (with rivals LAND LARK and MONEY MARKET behind him) and he had beaten SPANISH STEPS in the Great Yorkshire Chase. He had fallen at the first Canal Turn in 1974 but at 12-1 third favourite he carried strong hopes that he would get further this year. Of the others several debutants made appeal notably MONEY MARKET winner of the Mildmay Memorial at Sandown, former Gold Cup winner THE DIKLER who was always campaigned in the highest class and LAND LARK who was having his thirteenth race of the season. Another busy horse was KILMORE BOY who had been in action since July winning six of his sixteen races.

 NEWS OF THE WORLD GRAND NATIONAL HANDICAP CHASE (78 entries) 4 1/2 miles £38,005 to the winner, £11,590 to the second,  £5,720 to the third & £2,785 to the fourth

 1     210314 RED RUM  10, 12-0 (D.McCain)  B.Fletcher 

 2  1-004P0 THE DICKLER  12, 11-13 (F T Walwyn)  R.Barry 

 3   01U104  GLANDFORD BRIGG  9, 11-4 (J.Hardy)  M.Blackshaw 

 4 23-3000 L`ESCARGOT  12, 11-3  (D L Moore - IRE)  T.Carberry 

 5  31-0302 CLEAR CUT  11, 11-1  (W.Hall)  T.Stack 

 6  030420 HIGH KEN  9, 11-1  (J A C Edwards)  B.Brogan 

 7   104222 ROYAL RELIEF  11, 11-1  (E R Courage)  Lord Oaksey 

 8 F-22P30 APRIL SEVENTH  9, 11-0  (R.Turnell)  A.Turnell 

 9   314314  MONEY MARKET  8, 10-13  (C.Bewicke)  J.King 

10  21P110   ROUGH HOUSE  9, 10-12  (T F Rimell)  J.Burke 

11  PPP004 BARONA  9, 10-8  (R C Armytage)  P.Kellaway 

12 P-001PF SOUTHERN QUEST  8, 10-6  (W E Fletcher - IRE)  S.Shields 

13  4P2420 SPANISH STEPS  12, 10-3  (E R Courage)  W.Smith 

14   10100P EVEN DAWN  8, 10-4*  (Wainwright)  D.Mould 

15 213003  BALLYRICHARD AGAIN 10, 10-1  (J.Webber)  A.Webber

16  12B332 LAND LARK  10, 10-1  (T.Pocock)  G.Thorner 

17  310343  CASTLERUDDERY  9, 10-4*  (P.McCreery - IRE)  Mr T M Walsh 

18  003200 MANICOU BAY  9, 10-7*  (J.Gifford)  R.Champion 

19 3P3P-0P SHANEMAN  10, 10-0  (Mrs M Greenall)  Mr P Greenal

21  031443   SPITTIN IMAGE  9, 10-0  (P.Woods - IRE)  M.Cummins 

23 41000P  ZIMULATOR  8, 10-0  (D G Swan - IRE)  Capt D Swan 

24  U0304P FEEL FREE  9, 10-0  (M.James)  M.Salaman 

25  321221   GLEN OWEN  8, 10-0  (N.Crump)  D.Atkins

26 P-30012 JUNIOR PARTNER  8, 10-0  (T F Rimell)  K B White 

27  321F1F    RAG TRADE  9, 10-4  (A J Pitt)  J.Francome 

28 433203  ROUGH SILK  12, 10-0  (E J O`Grady - IRE)  Mr L Urbano 

29  210400  TUDOR VIEW  9, 10-0  (P.Upton)  G.McNally 

30 00PU-P0 BEAU BOB  12, 10-1*  (S.Mellor)  J.Glover 

31  310214   KILMORE BOY  9, 10-2*  (A.Jarvis)  P.Blacker 

32 F3P004  HALLY PERCY  11, 10-0  (W A Stephenson)  M C Gifford 

33  0UF000  BALLYATH  9, 10-0  (D.McCain)  J.Bourke 

S.P : 7-2 Red Rum, 13-2 L`ESCARGOT, 12-1 Rough House, 14-1 Land Lark & Money Market, 18-1 Junior Partner & Rag Trade, 20-1 Clear Cut, Glandford Brigg, Spanish Steps & The Dickler, 22-1 Glen Owen & Royal Relief, 28-1 April Seventh, High Ken & Rough Silk, 33-1 Castleruddery & Southern Quest, 40-1 Ballyrichard Again, Barona, Kilmore Boy & Manicou Bay, 50-1 Even Dawn & Spittin Image, 66-1 Feel Free & Hally Percy, 100-1 Ballyath, Beau Bob, Shaneman, Tudor View & Zimulator


Aintree debutants 

April Seventh, Ballyath*, Ballyrichard Again*, Barona, Castleruddery, Even Dawn*, Feel Free, Glandford Brigg, Glen Owen*, Hally Percy*, High Ken, Junior Partner*, Kilmore Boy*, Land Lark*, Manicou Bay*, Money Market, Rag Trade, Southern Quest*, The Dickler, Tudor View, Zimulator* 

Winners at Aintree

Clear Cut - Topham Trophy (1974) 

Red Rum - Grand National (1973 & 1974) 


1st   L`ESCARGOT - Tommy Carberry 

2nd RED RUM - Brian Fletcher 

3rd  SPANISH STEPS - Bill Smith 

4th  MONEY MARKET - Jeff King 

5th  THE DICKLER - Ron Barry 

6th   MANICOU BAY - Bob Champion 

7th   SOUTHERN BAY - S.Shields 

8th   GLANFORD BRIGG - M. Blackshaw 

9th    HALLY PERCY - Macer Gifford 

10th  RAG TRADE - John Francome 

Time : 9 minutes 31.1 secs

Distances : 15-8-12-6-10

Owned by Raymond Guest

Trained by Dan Moore in Ireland 

1976 - Rag Trade

Rag Trace.webp

 The winner

The fates were not kind to Rag Trade. A leg injury restricted him to just two starts in 1976-77 and his season was over after he fell in the Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup. Amid acrimony between his co-owners he was moved from Fred Rimells yard and returned to George Fairburn for the next season. Having been off the course for over fourteen months he returned to action in a three runner race at Teesside Park finishing a distant last behind the useful Broncho II. He won his next start (also at the defunct course) and on the back of that victory he started favourite for his third National in 1978. It was a sad end to a fine horse. Never with the leaders he broke down so badly on the second circuit that the racecourse vets could not save him and he was put down.

Leading Fancies

With L`Escargot earning an honourable retirement RED RUM returned to Aintree without his old adversary to worry about. Although campaigned in the usual way he was without a win in eight starts and was clearly no longer showing anything like his Aintree form over conventional birch fences. After a lacklustre display at Newcastle regular jockey Brian Fletcher was replaced by the popular Tommy Stack who had ironically briefly trained the horse before his move to McCain. Favouritism went to the Roddy Armtage trained BARONA who had had his rider pulled off at first Bechers the previous year but had gained some compensation when landing the Scottish Grand National a week later. This year he was without a win but had finished second to the subsequent Gold Cup winner Royal Frolic in the Greenall Whitley Breweries Chase at Haydock. Stamina would not be a problem for debutant JOLLY`S CLUMP who had won two valuable long distance chases at the turn of the year, the Bass Handicap at Cheltenham and the Warwick National. Another making his first trip to Aintree was TREGARRON who had won four of his last five starts at Market Rasen, Catterick (twice) and Ayr. The Irish trained grey PROLAN attracted a lot of support following his win in the Kim Muir at the Cheltenham Festival and another in good form was the recently purchased GOLDEN RAPPER who had won the valuable Leopardstown Chase when trained in Ireland. Of those that had run well in 1975 both THE DIKLER who had just run in his sixth consecutive Gold Cup and SPANISH STEPS were considered at thirteen to be too old to have a realistic chance but MONEY MARKET was in the form of his life winning a second consecutive Peter Cazalet/Mildmay Memorial at Sandown and in the Gold Cup he had made most of the running before fading to finish fourth. One horse however who had not had a happy 1975 was RAG TRADE who had trailed in the rear for the whole race before finishing a distant last of the ten finishers. He had changed stables and now in the hands of Fred Rimell he had won a very competitive Welsh National (his second "National" having won the Midlands equivalent at the end of 1975). His jockey John Burke had high hopes of of a famous double having partnered Royal Frolic to his victory at Cheltenham.

Incidentally this was the first year I started cutting out the racecard in the newspaper, the first year of my racing scrapbook (I was eight years old - how sad is that ?) - I still have it somewhere. I think this is where the obsession with collecting all things National-related began. It is certainly the first year I remember choosing a horse to win. So for the from now on here are my selections : -

The Anoraks Selection : RED RUM.

Each-way choice : HIGH KEN

NEWS OF THE  WORLD GRAND NATIONAL HANDICAP CHASE (76 entries) 4 1/2 miles, £37,420 to the winner, £11,410 to the second, £5,630 to the third & £2,740 to the fourth

 1   U30300   RED RUM  11, 10-10  (D.McCain)  T.Stack 

 2   322030   THE DICKLER  13, 11-7  (F T Walwyn)  R.Barry 

 3   414230    GLANDFORD BRIGG  10, 11-3  (J.Hardy)  M.Blackshaw 

 4   431404    MONEY MARKET  9, 11-0  (C.Bewicke)  R.Champion 

 5  20UP02   HIGH KEN  10, 10-12  (J A C Edwards)  M.Dickinson 

 6   1-P04F1    RAG TRADE  10, 10-12  (T F Rimell)  J.Burke 

 7   333333    HIGHWAY VIEW  11, 10-10  (J.Cox - IRE)  P.Black 

 9   214020    ROMAN BAR  7, 10-10  (P.Taaffe - IRE)  G.Newman 

10   41-0121    GOLDEN RAPPER  10, 10-8  (F T Winter)  J.Francome 

11    2132P4    EYECATCHER  10, 10-7  (J R Bosley)  B.Fletcher 

12  3-02332   BARONA  10, 10-6  (R C Armytage)  P.Kellaway 

13    121-221    CEOL-NA-MARA  7, 10-6  (S.Mellor)  J.Glover 

14      11321F   CHURCHTOWN BOY  9, 10-6  (M.Salaman)  M.Salaman

15   330100    PERPOL  10, 10-6  (W.Charles)  K B White 

16     141221    PROLAN  7, 10-3  (E J O`Grady - IRE)  M F Morris 

18    4-12211   JOLLY`S CLUMP  10, 10-3*  (H Thomson-Jones) I.Watkinson 

19   030214    MERRY MAKER  11, 10-2  (G C Doidge)  Mr A Mildmay-White 

20     212111   TREGARRON  9, 10-1  (J K M Oliver)  C.Tinkler 

21   FU14U2   BLACK TUDOR  8, 10-0  (G.Kindersley)  G.Thorner 

22  00-1041   NEREO  10, 10-1*  (F T Winter)  Duke of Alberquerque 

23    110304   COLONDINE  9, 10-0  (I M Dudgeon)  B.Forsey 

24   F-0301P   HUPERADE  12, 10-4*  (G R Owen)  Mr J Carden 

26   013203   SPANISH STEPS  13, 10-2*  (E R Courage)  J.King 

27   30221U   MERIDIAN II  9, 10-0  (D.McCain)  J J O`Neill 

28   340404   SANDWILAN  8, 10-0  (J S Wright)  R.Hyett 

29  22U200   TUDOR VIEW  10, 10-0  (P J Upton)  C.Read 

32     30F211   BALLYBRIGHT  9, 10-0  (F.Cundell)  Mr S Morshead 

33   2234P4   SPITTIN IMAGE  10, 10-0  (M J Scudamore)  A.Turnell

34    12-1F00   INDIAN DIVA  9, 10-3*  (M J Thorne)  Mr N Henderson 

35   0000P0  THOMOND  11, 10-3*  (Miss T Pearson)  Mr A J Wilson 

36    224301   BOOM DOCKER  9, 10-0  (D.Marks)  John Williams

37   p03b00   ORMONDE TUDOR  7, 10-0  (R W Bower) - K.Barnfield

S.P : 7-1 Barona, 10-1 Red Rum, 12-1 Jolly`s Clump, Money Market & Tregarron, 13-1 Prolan, 14-1 RAG TRADE, 22-1 Ceol-na-Mara & Spanish Steps, 25-1 The Dickler, 28-1 Eyecatcher, Glandford Brigg & Golden Rapper, 33-1 Churchtown Boy, High Ken, Highway View, Meridian II & Roman Bar, 50-1 Black Tudor, Boom Docker, Merry Maker & Nereo, 60-1 Colondine, 66-1 Perpol & Spittin Image, 80-1 Ballybright, 100-1 Huperade, Indian Diva, Ormonde Tudor, Sandwilan & Tudor View

Aintree debutants (20)

Ballybright*, Black Tudor*, Boom Docker, Ceol-Na-Mara*, Churchtown Boy, Colondine*, Golden Rapper*, Highway View*, Indian Diva*, Jollys Clump*, Meridian II*, Merry Maker*, Ormonde Tudor*, Perpol*, Prolan*, Roman Bar, Sandwilan, Spittin Image, Thomond*, Tregarron* 

Winner at Aintree

Red Rum - Grand National (1973 & 1974) 


1st   RAG TRADE - John Burke 

2nd RED RUM - Tommy Stack 

3rd  EYECATCHER - Brian Fletcher 

4th  BARONA - Paul Kelleway 

5th  CEOL-NA-MARA - J.Glover 

6th  THE DICKLER - Ron Barry 

7th  SANDWILAN - R.Hyett 

8th  SPITTIN IMAGE - Andy Turnell 

9th  SPANISH STEPS - Jeff King 

10th BLACK TUDOR - G.Thorner

11th  CHURCHTOWN BOY - M.Salaman 

12th HIGHWAY VIEW - P.Black 

13th JOLLY`S CLUMP - Ian Watkinson 

14th MONEY MARKET - Bob Champion 

15th COLONDINE - Brian Forsey 

16th  INDIAN DIVA - Mr N.Henderson 


Time : 9 minutes 20.9 secs

Distances : 2-8-3-2 1/2-10

Owned by Pierre Raymond

Trained by Fred Rimell at Kinnersley, Worcestershire 

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