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The winner

Kilmore rode in two more Nationals finishing sixth in 1963 having survived being kicked by a faller at the water and at the age of fourteen he fell at the fence before Bechers second time on what was his final racecourse appearance. Prior to that he won two small chases in the winter of 1963 at Windsor and Fontwell. He was retired to Findon where he lived for a further seventeen years. 

Leading Fancies 

Thirty two runners lined up for the National which was to be run on very heavy going. Favourite was Aintree debutant FRENCHMAN`S COVE, a white faced chestnut, who, sporting a prominent sheepskin noseband would be easy to spot. He had won the Coventry Chase at Kempton last time out and also the Hermitage Chase at Newbury earlier in the season. The leading Irish challenger was the Tosse Taaffe trained SOLFEN who was comparitively lightly raced compared to his rivals with just three starts this season but  they had included an impressive win in the Haydock Park National Trial. Last years hero NICOLAUS SILVER had drifted in the market on the day but he was in excellent form having added the Grand Sefton Chase to his National triumph in the autumn and then won the Great Yorkshire Chase at Doncaster, a race that was then of far more significance than it is today. KERFORO, another Irish challenger was the form horse of the race winning five times in Ireland including the valuable Thyestes and Leopardstown Chases. He had flopped in the National Hunt Handicap Chase at the Festival last time and had also finished behind a little known horse called Arkle in a novice hurdle at Navan. SPRINGBOK had been running prominently in big handicaps but had only managed to get his head in front on one occasion when winning at Kelso in October. VIVANT a winner at Nottingham, Leicester and Stratford and SUPERFINE with wins at Wolverhampton and Leicester under his belt this season also came in for some support. There were two other National heroes in the field, both now in the veteran stage, MERRYMAN II ridden by his third rider in as many Nationals (Dave Dick took the honours this time) and MR WHAT who had not won now for five seasons.

S P : 7-1 Frenchman`s Cove, 9-1 Solfen, 100-9 Nicolaus Silver, Kerforo, 100-8 Springbok, 100-6 Superfine, Vivant, 20-1 Merryman II, Taxidermist, 22-1 Mr What,Team Spirit, 28-1 Duplicator, KILMORE, 33-1 Colledge Master, Siracusa, 40-1 Cannobie Lee, 45-1 Wyndburgh, 50-1 Chavara, Dandy Tim, 66-1 Blonde Warrior, Carraroe, Clear Profit, Clipador, Ernest, Fredith`s Son, 100-1 Clover Bud, Dark Venetian, Fortron, Gay Navaree, Melilla, Politics, Seas End 


Aintree debutants

Carraroe, Chavara, Dandy Tim, Dark Venetian, Fortron*, Fredith`s Son*, Frenchman`s Cove, Gay Navaree, Kerforo*, Politics, Seas End, Solfen*, Springbok, Superfine

Winners at Aintree

COLLEDGE MASTER - 1961 Foxhunters 

CLEAR PROFIT - 1960 Becher Chase 

ERNEST - 1960 Grand Sefton Chase 

MERRYMAN II - 1959 Foxhunters, 1960 Grand National 

MR WHAT - 1958 Grand National 

NICOLAUS SILVER - 1960 Grand National, 1960 Grand Sefton Chase 

WYNBURGH - 1957 Grand Sefton Chase 



 1st   KILMORE - Fred Winter 

 2nd WYNDBURGH - Tommy Barnes 

 3rd  MR WHAT - Johnny Lehane 

 4th  GAY NAVAREE - Mr A Cameron 

 5th  FREDDITH`S SON - Frankie Shortt 

 6th  DARK VENETIAN - P.Cowley 

 7th  NICOLAUS SILVER - Bobby Beasley 

 8th  CANNOBIE LEE - Eddie Harty 

 9th  ERNEST - A.Dufton 

10th  CLOVER BUD - David Nicholson 

11th   BLONDE WARRIOR T.Biddlecombe 

12th  SOLFEN - Toss Taaffe 

13th  MERRYMAN II - Dave Dick 

14th  COLLEDGE MASTER Mr L. Morgan 

15th  FORTRON - Robin Langley 

16th  POLITICS - D.Bassett 

17th  CLEAR PROFIT - T J Ryan


Time : 9 minutes 50 seconds.

Distances :

Owned by N.Cohen.

Trained by Ryan Price at Findon, Sussex. 


 The winner

Ayala injured a foot in his next race and was never the same horse again. His form figures after his Aintree triumph read a miserable FP0F-0PFP-P. He fell at the Chair in the 1964 National and was the sole first fence faller a year later. He last raced at Lingfield in 1966 and died later that year. 

Leading Fancies

THE GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE (for the Vaux Gold Tankard) £18,945 to the winner, £2,634 to the second, £1,317 to the third & £658 to the fourth

 1     1-10100 FRENCHMAN`S COVE  8, 12-0  (H T Jones)  D V Dick 

 2    1-03331 OWEN`S SEDGE  10, 11-6  (T.Dreaper - IRE)  P.Taaffe 

 3     /004-2 O`MALLEY POINT  12, 11-1  (D.Ancil)  M.Scudamore 

 4   0-000f2  NICOLAUS SILVER  11, 11-0  (T F Rimell)  H R Beasley 

 5   0f1-400  KILMORE  13, 11-0  (H.Price)  F T Winter 

 6     f3-1313  SPRINGBOK  9, 10-12  (N.Crump)  G.Scott 

 7      f-100f1  LOVING RECORD  9, 10-12  (T.Taaffe - IRE)  T.Taaffe 

 8    04-2134 ETERNAL  12 10-10  (R F Palmer)  T.Brookshaw 

 9     101020  MR JONES  8, 10-10  (W A Stephenson)  P A Farrell 

10  2-32340  BLONDE WARRIOR  11, 10-9  (F T Walwyn)  B.Lawrence 

11   0334-03  MR WHAT  13, 10-8  (J.Dowdeswell)  T.Carberry 

12  0-42200  FORTY SECRETS  9, 10-7  (Earl Jones)  C.Chapman 

13      111212  OUT AND ABOUT  8, 10-7  (H.Price)  J.Gifford 

14  0/1b0-f3  GOOD GRACIOUS  9, 10-7  (Earl Jones)  C.Connors 

15  420f-00  LOYAL TAN  8, 10-5  (A.Thomas)  T W Biddlecombe 

16  b-00414   DAGMAR GITTELL  8, 10-5  (R.Renton)  H J East 

17  32000-0  JONJO  13, 10-6  (France)  Duke of Alberquerque 

18  230-420  PEACETOWN  9, 10-4  (G R Owen)  R.Langley 

19  2-2433f   CARRICKBEG  7, 10-3  (D.Butchers)  Mr J Lawrence 

20 00-4041  TEAM SPIRIT  11, 10-3  (F T Walwyn)  G W Robinson 

21    04-21f2  MOYRATH  10, 10-2  (P.Sleator - IRE)  F.Carroll 

22      1112f1   DARK VENETIAN  8, 10-2  (R.Bassnett)  D.Bassett

23 p0-0002  CHAVARA  10, 10-2  (J.Peacock)  R.Edwards 

24  1p-2330   SHAM FIGHT  11, 10-1  (T.Robson)  J.Fitzgerald 

25    013f00  GAY NAVARREE  11, 10-1  (F.Carr)  P.Cowley 

26   102300  SEAS END  11, 10-3  (J H Kempton)  J H Kempton 

27   11222-0  COLLEGE DON  11, 10-0  (W C Watts)  B.Wilkinson 

28      111104  CARRAROE  11, 10-1  (A S O`Brien - IRE)  Mr W McLernon 

29  00-2000  WINGLESS  8, 10-1  (E.Champneys)  A.Biddlecombe 

30     1f31-21   FRENCH LAWYER  9, 10-0  (R.Newton)  T.Ryan 

31    4/4-0f0   AVENUE NEUILLY  8, 10-4*  (W.Stephenson)  D.Nicholson 

33   p301-20  REPRIEVED  10, 10-1*  (J.Sutcliffe)  P.Pickford 

34   1422-p1   HAWA`S SONG  10, 10-0  (W A Stephenson)  P.Broderick 

35   01p40-2  VIVANT  10, 10-0  (W.Stephenson)  R J Hamey 

36     00-fff3   DANDY TIM  10, 10-0  (J.Fawcus)  L.Major 

37    400100  CONNIE II  11, 10-0  (P.Hicks)  J.Guest 

38     101422  HOLM STAR  9, 10-0  (Earl Jones)  E F Kelly 

39     12414p  WARTOWN  12, 10-1*  (E.Cousins)  J.Gamble 

40   4/04-0f1  AYALA  9, 10-0  (K.Piggott)  P.Buckley 

41     020040 WOODBROWN  9, 10-0  (E.Cousins)  J.Kenneally 

42         3310  LOOK HAPPY  10, 10-0  (R.Turnell)  J.Haine 

43    002f00  MERGANSER  10, 10-4  (D.Ancil)  Mr J Mansfield 

44   00-p144  CAPRICORN  10, 10-0  (N.Dent)  A.Major 

45   fp-3020  SIRACUSA  10, 10-0  (R.Renton)  D.Mould 

46    044430  MAGIC TRICKS  9, 10-0  (J.Boyes)  O.McNally 

47   2-20420  MELILLA  9, 10-0  (T.Gates)  G.Cramp 

48      13f400  SOLONACE  12, 10-0  (J.Yeomans)  K B White

S P : 10-1 Springbok, 100-8 Kilmore, 13-1 Team Spirit, 100-7 Dagmar Gittell, Loving Record, 100-6 Frenchman`s Cove, 20-1 Carrickbeg, Owen`s Sedge, 25-1 Eternal, Out and About, 28-1 Hawa`s Song, Mr Jones, Nicolaus Silver, 33-1 Carraroe, Dark Venetian, Moyrath, O`Malley Point, Siracusa, 40-1 Chavara, Look Happy, Vivant, 50-1 Connie II, Dandy Tim, Forty Secrets, French Lawyer, Gay Navaree, Peacetown, Reprieved,  Sham Fight, 66-1 Avenue Neuilly, AYALA, Blonde Warrior, Capricorn,  College Don, Good Gracious, Holm Star, Jonjo, Loyal Tan, Magic Tricks, Melilla, Merganser, Mr What, Seas End, Solonace, Wartown, Wingless, Woodbrown


Aintree debutants

Avenue Neuilly*, Ayala, Carrickbeg*, Connie II*, Forty Secrets*, French Lawyer*, Good Gracious*, Look Happy*, Loving Record, Magic Tricks*, Merganser, Moyrath, Out and About, Reprieved, Sham Fight*, Solonace, Wartown*, Wingless*

Winners at Aintree 

JONJO - 1960 Molyneux Chase 

KILMORE - 1962 Grand National 

MR JONES - 1962 Becher Chase 

MR WHAT - 1958 Grand National 

NICOLAUS SILVER - 1961 Grand National, 1961 Grand Sefton Chase 


 1st   AYALA - Pat Buckley 

 2nd CARRICKBEG - Mr John Lawrence 

 3rd  HAWA`S SONG - Paddy Brodercik 

 4th  TEAM SPIRIT - Willie Robinson 

 5th  SPRINGBOK - Gerry Scott 

 6th  KILMORE - Fred Winter 

 7th  OWEN`S SEDGE - Pat Taaffe 

 8th  FRENCH LAWYER - T.Ryan 

 9th  DARK VENETIAN - D.Bassett 

 10th NICOLAUS SILVER - H R Beasley 

 11th  ETERNAL - Tim Brookshaw 

 12th CHAVARA - Roy Edwards 

 13th CARRAROE - Mr W McLernon 

 14th  SIRACUSA - David Mould 

 15th  SHAM FIGHT - Jimmy Fitzgerald 

 16th  BLONDE WARRIOR B.Lawrence 

 17th   LOYAL TAN - Terry Biddlecombe 

 18th  WOODBROWN Johnny Kenneally 

 19th  O`MALLEY POINT - M Scudamore 

 20th FRENCHMAN`S COVE -Dave Dick 

 21st   FORTY SECRETS -Clive Chapman 

 22nd DANDY TIM - L.Major 


Time : 9 minutes, 35 4/5 seconds.

Distances :

Owned by Pierre "Teasey-Weasey" Raymond. Trained by Keith Piggott at Lambourn 


The winner

Winning the National at his fifth attempt, the twelve year old Team Spirit had earned his honourable retirement which was spent in the United States with his owners. 

Leading Fancies 

It was the most open National for years with for the only time ever, four horses sharing co-favouritism with another five just a point behind. Of the co-favourites, the grey Irish trained FLYING WILD seemed the ideal National sort, a two and a half mile specialist victorious in the Stones Ginger Wine Chase at Sandown and second in the Massey Ferguson Gold Cup at Cheltenham. The Queen Mother sent her first National runner since Devon Loch eight years before and there were very high hopes for her Aintree debutant LAFFY who had twice won at Lingfield. PAPPAGENO`S COTTAGE had been an early faller in the Mill House`s Hennessy but had won perhaps the most recognised National Trial at the time, the four mile Fred Withington Chase at Cheltenhams New Year meeting. TIME had finished third in another recognised National trial, the MIldmay Memorial and won the Forbra Gold Cup at Warwick.  What did all the four co-favourites have in common ? They  were all making their Aintree debut. Of the five on 100-6 1962 hero KILMORE had won two of his three starts this season at Fontwell and Windsor but at fourteen time was against him. PURPLE SILK had won at small races at Nottingham, Wetherby and Leicester. SPRINGBOK, favourite twelve months ago had won at Haydock (but fallen in the Eider Chase), BEAU NORMAND,  who combined racing over hurdles and fences had won a hurdle at Cheltenham in January and two chases at Wincanton and Nottingham respectively whilst BORDER FLIGHT, sporting the famous Courage colours had won over the Mildmay fences in December. It was a very, very open renewal.

THE GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE (80 entries), £20,380 to the winner, £2,765 to the second, £1,295 to the third and £647 to the fourth  

 1      -3103   PAS SEUL  11, 12-0  (R.Turnell)  D V Dick 

 2       -121f   FLYING WILD  8, 11-3  (D L Moore - IRE)  D.Mould 

 3    -0f010   PAPPAGENO`S COTTAGE  9, 11-0  (J.Oliver)  P.Taaffe 

 4    -401f3   SPRINGBOK  10, 10-11  (N.Crump)  G.Scott 

 5    123112  BEAU NORMAND  8, 10-0  (R.Turnell)  J.King 

 6      -4121   LAFFY  8, 10-8  (P.Cazalet)  W.Rees 

 9        -fp0  AYALA  10, 10-7 (K.Piggott)  D.Nicholson 

10        -112   KILMORE  14, 10-7  (L.Dale)  F.Winter 

11      -1304   L`EMPEREUR  10, 10-5  (P.Peraldi - FR)  J.Daumas 

12        -0f1   BORDER FLIGHT  9, 10-3  (E.Courage)  P A Farrell 

13 -214220  JOHN O`GROATS  10, 10-3  (L.Dale)  P.Kellaway 

14 -231420  TEAM SPIRIT  12, 10-3  (F T Walwyn)  G W Robinson 

15     21fr11   PURPLE SILK  9, 10-4  (G.Vergette)  J.Kenneally 

16         -33  ETERNAL  13, 10-2  (R F Palmer)  Mr S Davenport 

17   4f3303  PEACETOWN  10, 10-1  (G R Owen)  R.Edwards 

18 -pp0210  OUT AND ABOUT  9, 10-1  (K.Cundell)  B.Gregory 

19      f101f4  RED THORN  8, 10-3  (T F Rimell)  T W Biddlecombe 

21     21f142  SUPERSWEET  7, 10-1*  (W A Stephenson)  P.Broderick 

22      -fu23  SEA KNIGHT  9, 11-0*  (W A Stephenson)  Mr P Nicholson 

23         -42  PONTIN-GO  12, 10-0  (W.Marshall)  P.Jones 

24   -141u31  LIZAWAKE  11, 10-4*  (P.Moore)  H R Beasley 

25    144f01  DANCING RAIN  9, 10-0  (P.Upton)  O.McNally 

26  -32223  CENTRE CIRCLE  9, 10-0  (D.Ancil)  J.Haine 

27 202303  BAXIER  8, 10-0  (A S O`Brien - IRE)  Mr W McLernon 

28   331104  APRIL ROSE  9, 10-0  (A.Kilpatrick)  E P Harty 

29     -0401  CLAYMORE  11, 10-0  (C H Davies)  Mr C Davies 

30 -032230 REPRIEVED  11, 10-0  (P.Ransom)  P.Harvey 

31   443023  CROBEG  11, 10-4*  (P R Stringer)  Mr J Lawrence 

33      -03u1  TIME  9, 10-4  (W.Stephenson)  M.Scudamore 

34         -210  REPRODUCTION  11, 10-0  (G R Owen)  R.Langley 

35  300440  MERGANSER  11, 10-0  (D.Ancil)  J.Lehane 

36   031342  GALE FORCE X  7, 10-0  (D L Moore - IRE)  R.Coonan 

37   440104  GROOMSMAN  9, 10-0  (D.Keating - IRE)  F.Shortt 

S P : 100-7 Flying Wild, Laffy, Pappageno`s Cottage, Time, 100-6 Beau Normand, Border Flight, Kilmore, Purple Silk, Springbok, 18-1 Lizawake, TEAM SPIRIT, 22-1 April Rose, John O`Groats, Pas Seul, 33-1 Ayaala, Out and About, Red Thorn, 40-1 Baxier, Centre Circle, L`Empereur, Peacetown, Supersweet, 50-1 Claymore, Crobeg, Gale Force X, 66-1 Dancing Rain, Eternal, Groomsman, Merganser, Reprieved, Reproduction, Pontin-Go, Sea Knight

Aintree debutants

Baxier, Beau Normand*, Centre Circle*, Crobeg, Flying Wild, Gale Force X, Groomsman, John O`Groats*, Laffy*, L`Empereur, Pappageno`s Cottage*, Pas Seul*, Purple Silk, Red Thorn, Reproduction, Supersweet, Time.

 Winners at Aintree

AYALA - 1965 Grand National 

ETERNAL - 1962 Grand Sefton 

KILMORE - 1962 Grand National 

LIZAWAKE - 1963 Becher Chase 

TEAM SPIRIT - 1963 Grand Sefton 


 1st   TEAM SPIRIT - G W Robinson

 2nd  PURPLE SILK - J.Kenneally

 3rd   PEACETOWN - R.Edwards

 4th   ETERNAL - Mr S Davenport

 5th   PONTIN - GO - P.Jones

 6th   SPRINGBOK - G.Scott

 7th   APRIL ROSE - E P Harty

 8th   BAXIER - Mr W McLernon

 9th   CROBEG - Mr J Lawrence


 11th  JOHN O'GROATS -P.Kellaway

12th   SUPERSWEET - P.Broderick

13th   CLAYMORE - Mr C Davies

14th   OUT AND ABOUT -B.Gregory

15th   SEA KNIGHT - Mr PNicholson

Time : 9 mins, 46 4/5 secs

Distances :

Owned by Mr J K Goodman

Trained by Fulke Walwyn in Lambourn

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